Tranquonauts – Tranquonauts (Lay Bare Recording, September 19th, 2016)

14322711_1300596943298312_818526060047983697_nTo coincide with their tour “Isaiah Mitchell and Seedy Jeezus: Under the Influence”, Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless, Golden Void, Howlin Rain) and Seedy Jeezus have made an album of heated space jams alternating with moments of reflective universality.
The album is available on vinyl and consists of two tracks, lasting twenty minutes, recorded on two continents, mixed and mastered by Jason Fuller at Goatsound in Melbourne.
It’s a music to nourish the minds, of magmatic yoga insights, getting lost in the psych prog vortices, space jams, jazz-rock and states of alterations induced by hypnotism notes. A radical change, a way out from the constraints of the unsatisfactory normalcy, a kick in the ass to the hesitation of the changes, a guide to get out of the misery of the mundane music that repeat stale models.
It’s a succession of heavy riffs that flow into bright seas of tranquility compounds of sedimentation of keyboard, vibraphone and toy piano.
Deep sound experience to get lost and to find themselves again in a condition of mental peace. I’s a research, the passionate journey into the human being that replicates the Universe, out of body adventure, new experiences of joy connected to horizons that suddenly change, sunrises and sunsets that are followed, kaleidoscopic eyes, abandoning reassuring and monotonous experience to embrace the true helter-skelter attitude that is refracted into shards multicolored with psychedelic contours to illuminate the absolute black of the space and also the one that lurks in ambush inside our souls.
Sublime music full of meteorite dust, shamans lost in other dimensions, with their  arts merged in their musical instruments, roam the universe of daily constraints to free us all with their catalyst music.
The album is available in 500 limited copies and will not be reissued once sold-out. The advice is to hurry.

Vote: 7,5/10

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