The Rolling Stones – Blue & Lonesome (Polydor, December 2nd, 2016)


What?! A new studio album by The Rolling Stones?! What the fuck! No reason to tell you that there’re actually a really few things in the whole world that could eventually make me much more excited than this. I mean. Thinking about this, I guess I’m just talking about anything regarding The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Anton Newcombe. Maybe Keira Knightey. Stop. Seriously. This studio album it’s a true event, guys. Let’s just think that this is the first studio album they’re releasing in more than ten years! ‘A Bigger Bang’, in fact, their previous one, it was out in 2005. So, I mean, in term of relevance because the so-defined fucking story of the rock and roll it just does mean that ‘Blue & Lonesome’, their 23rd UK and 25th US studio album, is coming out more than fifty years later the first one, the self-titled ‘The Rolling Stones’, out in 1964 via Decca Records and recorded at Regend Studios in London with producers Eric Easton and Andrew Loog Oldham. Charlie Watts was yet in the band and of course there were Mick and Keef and it was in practice, excluding ‘Tell Me (You’re Coming Back)’ (written by Mick and Keef), substantially an album containing cover versions of tracks reflecting the band’s love for R&B. Fifty years later for Mick, Keef, Charlie and their long-time partner Ronnie Wood, not many things have changed. Of course they’re now rightly considered the greatest rock and roll band of all the time. More than this, we could easily come to the conclusion that they invented the fucking rock and roll, but, despite this, their passion for the rhythm and blues still remains and it is still nowaday so much relevant for them as it was fifty years ago when Keef and Brian Jones studied the old LPs of the black blues musicians trying to repeat what they did on their records. Recorded in just three days last December at the British Grove Studios with producers Don Was and The Glimmer Twins (aka Mick and Keef) and containing covers of Buddy Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, Memphis Slim, Magic Sam, Willie Dixon and more and more, the album shows, if it was necesseary, that these guys have still got the blues that burns inside their hearts and souls. Guess inevitably a tour is following (I read about a date at the Stade of France next summer) and if I will have the occasion, I will surely go to see them performing live, because, believe me, no other bands could make a performance like they actually do. What else guys? Ah! There’re some guests on the album. I mean, Darryl Jones, Matt Clifford, Chuck Leavell and Jim Keltner complete the formation of The Rolling Stones and in two tracks (‘Everybody Knows About My Good Thing’ by Miles Grayson and Lermon Horton and ‘I Can’t Quit You Baby’ by Willie Dixon) we have also Mr Eric ‘Slowhand’ Clapton at the guitars. Oooh yeeeah!

Vote: 9/10

Emiliano D’Aniello


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