The Laurels – Sonicology (Rise Is Nice Records, October 14th, 2016)


An album which made me change my mind in the meanwhile I was listening to it the first time, changing the first impression I had from the early beginning in the process and gradually came to different considerations. I guess this happened also because in the album itself because of the order of the songs, there’s a gradually change in the style this band from Sydney, Australia, adopted in the composition of their songs. To tell the truth, they have mainly one point of reference: the British sounds of the late 1980s and early 90s. Think for example to Ride, Swervedriver, My Bloody Valentine and more than them, to Stone Roses. Not at all, obviously. The first track of the album for example, ‘Reentry’, is an episode of pop psychedelia mixed to some pop fascination of the nineties but referring in particular to Kula Shaker or Cornershop. ‘Sonicology’, because of the sound of the bass and the thrilling guitars, looks much more to the wave era than to the recalled typically British scenario, while  ‘Some Other Time’, ‘Clear Eyes’, ‘Zodiac K’ and the lounge bar psychedelic-track ‘Trip Sitter’ make me inevitably think to the actually most popoular Aus band, Tame Impala. The balance, until this moment, standing at my opinion, it isn’t good at all, but songs like, ‘Frequensator’, ‘Aerodrome’ and ‘Hit and Miss’ (the best songs of the album), ‘Mecca’, really are good songs in which you could inevitably hear to echo and the fascination of a band like The Stone Roses and, a part this, the proofs that this band has got some skills and good ideas to propose. In conclusion, I would define it as a sufficient episode. The sensation it is that they’re in the middle of the devotion to some sonorities of the past but that they are able to make and play like they were actually their own now in the present, and on the other hand of the fascination of new dream pop psychedelia sounds. Walking on the line, it will inevitably arrive one moment in which they had to decide which side they wanna stay. Wish them my best because of the choice they have to make.

Vote: 7/10

Emiliano D’Aniello


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