The Heartbreakers land in Heathrow, London

After the Bill Grundy thing, punk was good and gone. Before entering the drunkard’s study, the Pistols read a magazine in the waiting room where the Stranglers claimed that the Sex Pistols shit. Already the boys began to pose by dint of appearing in the newspapers that even a quiet one like John seemed to walk two meters off the ground. In short, once inside they did that mess and the whole world knows what happened. The result was that from the Anarchy Tour to the Secret Tour the Pistols did only three concerts and one did not even finish it. Leaving Grundy ‘s studio Malcolm and the Pistols went to Heathrow to load the Heartbreakers arriving from New York. They were very excited and told the New Yorkers the fact and they looked at them as if they were crazy. The next day, after reading the front pages of all the newspapers, the Heartbreakers wanted to go home but Leee Black Childers reassured them. Punk was over, swallowed up by the old rock’n’roll that never dies, unfortunately. In that segment of restoration the Heartbreakers were the new sensation, virile and fast rock, played by crazy musicians trying to usurp the throne of the sexless and unsure of aggression New Kings.

Schoolboy Johnny Duhamel

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