The Excitements – Breaking The Rule (Penniman Records, September 28th, 2016)


Well, stop crying kids, because the Excitements are back! The workaholics of rhythm have found the time to enter the studio, taking advantage of a lapse in their agenda on the road, to make the third album, two years after the previous “Sometimes To Much Is Not Enough”.
“Breaking the Rule” is still orgasmic sound that transforms the soul, raw sound, with rough compactness, resulting from months of concerts, some point less than the immaculate garage fury and without any academic patina.
The Excitements fly high, to the realm of sound enjoyment on the wings of unbridled desires that swirl about the essence of a free and colorful sound, full of joy and vigor, perhaps without great destinations, but with the unstoppable feeling of soul as life and food energy, fast-paced contribution to better living, get rid playing, over the mannerisms of the soul revival.
The Album is full of soul, rhythm& blues and funky that come from inside and must be spat out with urgency, sweat and tears, it is not music to sell or to be exposed in shop windows, but enclosed with difficulty in our hearts. It is not fashionable but cool and dirty, great spirit with wings, sometimes maybe naïve, but always characterized by a great love.
The Barcelona combo is at ease with pull guncotton full of groove, as if the songs were played by Ike Turner after eating one Sputnik, with all the cosmonauts inside, but they know well touching the heart with heartbreaking ballads and mid- tempos, although in these episodes the feeling is always watchful, as though we were dealing with an adorable big kitty cat begins to purr, but from who you can always expect he shows his claws and sharp teeth.
The rhythm section is precise with a great sound, thanks to the skillful, elegant and filthy production of Mike Mariconda, the horns are possessed and imaginative, the beautiful voice of Koko is always all right, believable in all circumstances, colorful and hypnotic and the guitars are measured in describing the landscape in which to develop the performance of all the twelve songs.
It is an album full of passion and heart, with songs composed, arranged and played as if still found ourselves in the analogical regretted golden age of R & B. Music for the good times, whether you decide to spend your spare time in the dance floors whether you prefer listenng to it in an armchair with a cigar, a bottle of Courvoisier and off to beat time with your foot.

Vote: 8,5/10

Schoolboy Johnny Duhamel


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