The Cult Of Free Love – Love Revolution (Wrong Way Records, August 5, 2016)


New cosmic doors are open in fairy land of North Wales, where it operates this mysterious collective of which it is rumored, without confirmation, the components come from the Northern Star Collective.
“Love Revolution” follows the last year’s debut single “Love Is All There Is” who had had considerable success in the independent charts.
The Cult Of Free Love are new Cosmic Couriers, they offer a mixture of free love hippy philosophy, shared and designed as invaluable and selfless gift, hedonistic soul of rave culture, whose sentiment is present in all the traces of this interesting work . A music deeply anchored in the ground, but with strong vocation to transcendence and it is this dichotomy that makes it fascinating.
The album opens with “Drone On,” sound experience over four minutes that seem stolen from the catalog of the 12K. Isolationism, sine waves, static ghost, crackles and glitches to develop a path where the silences are as important as the point-like music, almost impressionistic, that defines them.
“Jaya Deva” is haunting, sung in Hindi, supported by ethereal and otherworldly vocals, with a discreet drum carpet and minimal conversation with a solid drone that seems to want to explore all the existing psychedelic feelings. Suspended eternity, magic banners, shining adamantine  evocations.
“Guru Lover” is damask minimal techno in Teutonic style, mixed shortwave to feel like redemption, diluted in Indian mysticism suggestions, tablas wandering in amniotic mazes flow into the sea and outstanding color spectral vocals are irresistible in their distance.
“Interpretations of Love” is available in three different configurations, in the care of remixers Kontakte, Danny Walley and Tim White. It constitutes one of the cornerstones of the work keys, shaded soft noise from shortwave and seductive static electricity, or from acid house beats, or, finally, by circular delicate and seductive drone to evoke deep meditation, able to dig into the most intimate parts of our soul, whimsical transcendence that projects desert kisses, witnessed by candles drunken of Universe and dew.
“Space Odyssey 2020” is ambient music with epic and is the penultimate song, as if to ensure that if, in some way, this mystically rave music has troubled you, you can spend three minutes in the chill out room specially built for you, to be able to quietly drink some Perrier in the stillness of twilight.

Vote: 8/10

Schollboy Johnny Duhamel


“Love Revolution” is available to pre-order now from Wrong Way Records

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