The Cosmic Dead – Rainbowhead (Blackest Rainbow, April 12, 2016)


Well, it was earlier this morning, I was talking with a dear friend of mine who recently lost a dear friend because he committed suicide. She’s a very young girl and she’s letterally in despeair because of this tragic thing happened. I tried to talk to her and to be comfortable and to make her feeling better, but you know, it is difficult in situations like this to find the right words and to not be in some way trivial, too much ordinary and common or any way repetitive. Not going this place to get more into the situation because it is something that does really mean for her and because the contents of the thing in itself are not, this is evident, of common interest, but among the other things, she told me she was very moved because of this and that she really couldn’t stop looking and looking at what could possibly be the meaning of life and – eventually – of death.

Nothing strange. I mean, she’s not stupid and probably everyone of us, when we’re going to miss someone who was actually important for us, we are going to search for the same answers or by the way doing the same questions. Questions which are actually not unusual. Humankind in fact has always questioned about life and death and trying to explain them and the relationship between them in every possible way from when he started to be conscious enough and you can be fairly sure that we will never stop to do it and this is because possibly we are never going to have a definitive answer. There’s not a final answer, in my opinion, because the only thing we really have to do it is to live our lives in the possible better way, standing at what are actually our proposals and intents and considering also the fact that we are part of a society formed by other people.

In this sense, it is evident, I see a cosmic meaning in the sense of life. There’s a continuity in the history of the mankind and I consider life like it is not something it is going to be used up in itself, but like a circle: everything you do, everything you feel and consider, it is not only your own property, in same way, it is really true, I am you as you are me and we are all together.

The Italian poet Ugo Foscolo he saw a sense of life and death in what it is actually the sepulchre. He consider the place where a dead it is possibly buried like a place in which also be devotional and at the same time giving to the deads an eternal life, remembering of them. Well. Foscolo he lived among the eighteenth and the nineteenth century, he was a man of his time and there was also a napoleonic inspiration in his thoughts because of the historical facts, so he was not yet cosmic, but he surely started considering about life and death like they could possibly be part of the same thing, a unicum.

Coming out from possibly another kind of culture and from another era, I’m talking about the contemporary era, I’m talking about the present, these guys from Glasgow, Scotland, decide to define themselves like they are a psychonautal cosmodelic buckfaustian complex and they gave themselves the name of The Cosmic Dead probably not to rapresent the concept of a deep and suffering passage from life to death, but more than this to be to us like a guide in a much more complex plan and travel.

Probably there’s something of the sixties hippie philosophy in this kind of concepts and this is actually not strange if we consider that psychedelia or the Deutsch kraut-rock, the so called cosmic-music, they are always been two kind of music and of way of thinking strictly related to concepts like cosmos or space and to live your life in an harmonious way with all the people and possibly everything around you. And you think about this, you could as consequence consider that there’re appearently a contrast between these kind of feelings and a certain kind of psychedelia and space music. The Cosmic Dead, then, they play what we could surely define as heavy-psych music. Similar to band like Mugstar (they also released together a split a couple of years ago) or Radar Men From the Moon, Gnod, in this last album also, ‘Rainbowhead’, they give us a prove of what it is actually a terrific fury noisy sound and acid psychedelia.

Why so heavy-psych it is a genre that not only want to keep people in staying together with harmony, but at the same time it is also something which it is necessearly so ‘heavy’ and so freaky, noisy, disturbing, acid? Well guys, the reason it is very simple in my opinion. I’m not a philosophe and I don’t want to be, I’m just thinking about my life experience and I think that when you’re going to get into a change in your life, this is not something it is going to happen in an easy way, but there’s on contrary the concrete possibility to keep into turbolences and variable, precarious and volatile states of mind. And this is because we need some time a guide into this difficult travel into our mind and who better than a psychonaut, could guide you in this kind of process and finally make you see the light?

The music of The Cosmic Dead it is something erratic and at the same time frantic. Devoted to space music and kraut-rock psychedelia, this last album it is composed by only four tracks. The first one, ‘Human Sausage’ it is a sort of battle in which a man it is going to take part to a furious fight with his demons, struggling with them in a hypnotic dance like they were genuine fighting cocks; the second one, ‘Skye Burial’, it is a kind of break, where you can for a three minute time relax your mind and prepare your body to much heavy and allucinate experience. The last two tracks are two long noisy session, the first one mainly tipically kraut, and the last one, the title-track ‘Rainbowhead’, an acid one session dominated by the impetuous sounds of the basses and a singing and impressive acid guitar on it.

We’re not relating ourselves to what we could possibly define as an album which it was actually changing your life and I don’t consider these guys had got any proposal of this kind. They are just psychonauts and they just want to be for all the listeners what it was possibly Publius Virgilius Maro for Dante Alighieri inside the hell. A spiritual and at the same time a concrete guide. Someone and something you could possibly touch by your hands and how could things be different if you’re in front of a so deep and intense wall of sound.

Then, dear friend of mine, don’t know if you’re ever going to read this few lines and in the end I must admit that I don’t care about it. This is irrilevant. In fact I’m sure you will find your way and a way to give by yourself and answers to all your doubts and questions. For sure, you will find a way to make a sense of everything has happened. I don’t if death it is not the end, finally, don’t know where we are actually going after life, but I don’t care, this is not important, what I feel and what I know for sure when I listen to a so heavy music, it is that I’m still alive and I feel fine, I’ve no fear of death and I’ve no fear of living my life.

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