The Blue Angel Lounge – In Times 2006 – 2010 (8mm Musik, April 1st, 2016)

A similar release to what was eventually out last June by Dun Ditch Picnic and containing ‘The Early Recordings’ from the period 2008-2009 of The Underground Youth of Craig Dyer. Much more than this, two releases I would like to say they haven’t got only the same intent, but that are in practice a true testimoniance of the early periods of two of the greatest neo-psychedelic band that some way have also been influential from the other groups out from the end of the last decade and the first half of this one. In this sense,of course, both of them are fundamental recording for everyone who is into neo-psychedelia and not because they are merely collection pieces, but because the contents are incredibly good. Out last April 2016 via 8mm Musik, ‘In Times’ it’s a collection of songs recorded and produced by The Blue Angel Lounge between 2006 and 2010 in Hagen, Hohenlimburg. Founded in 2006 by Nils Ottenmeyer and Dennis Melster in Hagen, Germany, the group released along the years three acclaimed albums and got an important notoriety and the attention of relevant and influential musician as Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestow Massacre. Containing selected demos of the three albums I mentioned before and previously unreleased recordings, for the occasion mastered by guitarist and musician Ryan Carlson van Kriedt (Asteroid #4, Dead Skeletons, The Brian Jonestown Massacre), ‘In Times’ (taking the name from the eponymous piece contained in the album) it’s not just a collection of rareties, but what in the end configures itself as a true album and because the good work of mastering, sounds actually really good and in the style that made the band obtaining attention and good responses by the audience and the critics. An episode that signed probably the end of the history of this project but much more than an occasion to be nostalgic or melhancolic because of this, an incredible possibility to effectively ‘levitate’ listening to the amazing psychedelic garage atmospheres of a group which had got sensibility skills into songwriting and at the same time completely immersed the listeners into a state of acid terrifying altered and aenesthetic altered dimension. Please, pay attention to not forgive your ticket and you will be the welcome on board.

Rating: 9/10

Emiliano D’Aniello


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