Thalia Zedek Band – Eve (Thrill Jockey Records, August 19th, 2016)

Few artists has got actually the same power and strength which Thalia Zedek figures out into express with her music and her incredible voice. And at the same time a few rock and roll singers/songwriters and musicians have been not only so influential like she actually has been but also they are so good into realising today music of good quality.
With ‘Eve’ (out on August 19th, 2016) Thalia Zedek and the Thrill Jockey Records renewed their partnership that it’s actually going on since the release of ‘Trust Not Those in Whom Without Some Touch of Madness’ on 2004 and that makes the American singer and songwriter like she’s actually one of the most relevant artist into the roster of the Chicago label.
Recorded and mixed by Andy Hong at Kimchee Studio, the Thalia Zedek band it’s actually made up by the two historical members David Michael Curry (viola) and Mel Lederman (piano) along with Winston Braman at the bass and the newest member Jonathan Ulman on drums.
Contents are possibly not innovative relating to the long time tradition into music of this artists, who has created along the years an her own peculiar undistinguishable style since she was the member of influential underground realities from Uzi and Live Skull to Come. She anticipated the grunge and she overcame it with her bluesy and noisy emotional sound and her unique lyricism which made her at the same time a tense and an alternative rock musician than a great vocalist and performer.
‘Eve’ in this sense it’s another chapter into her career and another album in which who reviewing the album defined as they were ‘imperfections’, he has possibly not understood a fuck about Thalia Zedek and her music.
Alterning most rumorous and rock alternative noise episodes like ‘Afloat’, ‘360°’, ‘Walking Time’ with rock blues ballads like ‘Try Again’, ‘All I Need’ and moment of intense songwriting like ‘By The Hand’, ‘Illumination’, ‘You Will Wake’… ‘Eve’ that’s definitely what I consider a great album and a mix of fury and elegance and which the sound, typical of this artist, has got something which makes me always consider to a great quote by Muhammad Ali applied to music.
Thalia Zedek: she buzzs like a butterfly, she stings like a bee.
Rating: 7,5/10

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