Suggested Friends – The 100 Club Series Vol.3 #5 (Odd Box Records, February 24th, 2017)


Suggested Friends are releasing the final instalment in “Volume 3 of The 100 Club Series of singles”.

Suggested Friends formed in November 2015 out of a mutual love for jangly, noisy pop music. With all members straddling involvement in different bands (Wolf Girl, Chorusgirl, and Cat Apostrophe).

“Chicken” alternates moments of poetic tension supported by vocal mixes that evoke the ghosts of “Fragile” by the Yes, for suddenly transformed into real electric power, with guitars that seem to come alive in a metamorphosis that leads them in a heavy brick of compressed sound.
A final run obsessively focused on din of cymbals, ideal soundtrack for the Chicken Run in “A Rebel Without A Cause”, where, however, the vocal mixes seem miraculously float in gentle way.
“Her Called Out In The Worst Way” develops as an electric and minimal blues, supported by a ghostly bassline, an addition gradual tools that gravitate between the low ropes politely and then explode into a cacophonous roar 25 seconds left the song. Lost flavors of Swall Maps and Raincoats are lost in the streets of Ladbroke Grove.
The band are currently recording Their debut album and planning Their next tour for February 2017. Do not miss them as they are very exciting, wrapping their lo-fi and jangle sound into something pretty new and interesting.

Vote: 7,5/10

Schoolboy Johnny Duhamel


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