Sonicatomic – Vibes Addiction (Self-Released, October 18th, 2016)


Finally an Italian band which tries to sound in a way completely different than what’s actually the trend in my country (I’m actually Italian, indeed) and – much more than this – which really plays a very good music with original contents and innovating ideas. Coming from Tortona, a small town in the North West side region of the Italy, Sonicatomic it’s actually what I would like to define as a true ensemble of musicians who influenced by several genres and in particular taking inspiration from kraut-rock and psychedelic cosmic experiences later than from noise music and NYC no-wave, let themselves literally play as they were immersed in a state of acid flow-through reminiscence. What it’s substantially an instrumental heavy psychedelic album, ‘Vibes Addiction’ distinguishes itself from what I would like to define as the ‘mass’ of the neo-psychedelia proposals coming from all Europe and possibly from all the world, because its sound incredibly sumptous and groovy basically founded on the power and the heavy funky tones of the bass and the usage of the saxophone as main and dominant solo instrument. Opening with the hypnotic no-wave fascinated ‘Cranio’, the sound of the band appears to configure itself also in a style that was typical of soundtracks for noir movies or even old action thriller and crime movies of the seventies. Evocating in an exorcistm rite the ghosts of the garage music of The Sonics (‘Titania’) or even referring themselves to some hardcore music (‘Sonicatomic’, ‘Kragle’) mixed with hallucinate psychedelia and noise distorced sonorities proposed in the past by Zu or the anarcho-punk explosive Netherlands’ band The Ex, Sonicatomic heavily crushed themselves to the Earth falling down from a stormy sky into post-industrial music showing effectively vibes addiction to drone psychedelia (listen for some examples also to 10.000 Russos or Radar Men From the Moon) in ‘Ampere Generation’ or even to space music (‘Quasar’). The result, despite the state of temporal and space sense of profound disorientation, it’s definitely very concrete like be punched in the face when you’re in a state of hangover and rumorist episodes as ‘Faith’ or the imperious marching sound of ‘Negrosky’ are effectively so good as the heavy taste of caffeine.

Rating: 7/10

Emiliano D’Aniello


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