Psychic Ills – Inner Journey Out (Sacred Bones, June 3, 2016)

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The Psichic Ills are (were) the sorcerers of the free form music, high ceremonies of fuzz and nebulae songs, elusive, not focused and not cataloged, talents who always liked to satisfy his inspiration, as well as the whims, floating in a indefinite zone, probably a lazy and sullen bedroom full of cannabis smoking, which let flow notes in a controlled chill creative condition.
For this fifth work of the New York combo, formed by Tres Warren and Elizabeth Hart, overflows unexpectedly towards a more structured musical form, in essence a languid song model.


The sense of relaxation pervades the entire album transporting the Psichic Ills in territories loved by Mazzy Star and it is not a coincidence that Hope Sandoval lends his vocal skills in the lead single “I Do not Mind”.
The restless feeling and smoky tract are maintained, mind it, but the feeling that we receive is that they are almost underpinned by greater interpretative confidence, the courage to expose his heart to the judgment of the listener. Nearly one to want to strip, showing its vulnerability regardless of the consequences.


“Coca Cola Blues” is a long progression of haunting arrangements that do not risk getting lost in the length beyond seven minutes and even drowning in the mists of interpretation. It ‘a progression of magic agreements, hot, dense air, sick atmosphere with rattlesnake percussions that you can only hear on the East Coast.
Songs then, but retain their magic primordial expression, original, like a trick of the light that curls languidly reviving the squint of the sun through the dry palms and warbled heat.
Warren has good memories about the writing and recording of “Inner Journey Out Process”, an album that allowed him to probe his own soul turning his eyes in their underwear.
If the sound variations are evident in “Another Change”, with marked hints gospel, “New Mantra” creates an atmosphere of freedom and more familiar wilderness.
The nuance of jazz “Ra Wah Wah” is tempered by moderate calls and shoegaze sound, as a whole maintains a definition rather uniform digresses with great lo-fi class to transport the listener on a fantastic journey.

Vote: 8/10

Schollboy Johnny Duhamel


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