Night Beats – Bad Love (Fuzz Club Records, November 14th, 2016)


Rock’n’roll is a religion which provides a spiritual journey during which moments of sublimation alternate with periods of apparent darkness, that constitute the decisive steps that could be called research.
From the exit, at the end of January, of their third LP, “Who Sold My Generation”, the Seattle garage / rock / soul / R & B outfit Night Beats appears to have had only moments of inspiration alternated with periods of excellence in an unstoppable crescendo.
Their delicious blend of caressing and supple rhythms filtered by distant guitars, that much must to the lessons of Link Wray and to some heavy psych solutions, enveloped in moderate doses of echo, holding courageous and compelling melodies and soulful R & B.
During their UK tour the Night Beats were invited to spend a day, of their days off, at the Loverbuzz Studios, an analogue studio in South London, and record a live session which is the first exit for the ambitious project “Fuzz Club Sessions Series” which will boast artists as Holy Wave, Heaters, the Entrance Band and more.
Fuzz Club now has a credible position to pose a real lighthouse in the rock / heavy psych / garage sea, so that the other labels have no problem providing their artists for interesting projects like these live sessions. In my opinion, it does constitute a source of pride, having their own artists, one-off, in the Fuzz Club catalogue.
The band performs “Bad Love”, which buys live thicker than the version including in the album.
The sound is typical, thin, clean and rough at the same time, almost to constitute a compelling oxymoron. A sharp guitar, obsessive, voodoo, that owes as much to surf solutions. The voice howls, novel Jeffrey Lee Pierce, a lost blues, angular and distorted.
It’s the fascinating scream of the ghost blues, music for the Milky Way, vital music, wild rock’n’roll stripped to the bones and we all cannot steer without.

Vote: 8/10

Schoolboy Johnny Duhamel

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