Mugstar – Magnetic Seasons (Rock Action Records, March 04, 2016)

mugstarOnce again cosmic psychedelia is going to face the rules of nature. It’s a new kind of fascination and a typical aspect of what they are in substance contents of neo-psychedelia. If in the late sixties and during the seventies we generally made a connection between psychedelia and the beauty and the fascination of the creatures and the nature, the world itself, the music played by the Mugstar, four guys from Liverpool, redefines completely this scheme.

It’s a new scenario. Something different and perhaps what we should look at like it was a different approach of this generation to the world around us. It is no strange, on the other hand, in the modern age mankind, when the fear of a nuclear holocaust seems now not so much imminent in contrast with what happened previously and during the years of the so-called ‘Cold War’, it is now firstly overcoming the fear of what could eventually be a self-destruction, then we have to consider that the mankind has got now a different approach to life and there is the willing for everyone to become again what once was defined as ‘homo faber fortunae suae’.

mugstar4Of course, this willing could not exclude what it is the natural opposition of the mankind to the force of nature, going to consider on one hand that a compromise would be, inevitably, the only possible solution, and on the other hand that probably to evolve ourselves we need necessarily do not rely on nature, but to be independent from it and possibly, one day, also from the world we are coming from. I mean, the Earth, of course.

Mugstar, is not a new band. They’re around from about ten years and you have probably meet them already and listened to their records and to their music that has some connection with the classic kraut-rock music (it is not a case they also release a recording with Damo Suzuki) implemented with drone and heavy-psych elements. So, it is the same with this new release, ‘Magnetic Seasons’, which it is actually a double LP out via Rock Action Records.


We are not approaching ourselves to something that could be defined as easy-listening or pop music. There’s nothing easy in the contents of this album that has got a duration longer than seventy minutes (give a listen to ‘Remember the Breathing’ or ‘Ascension Island’ that have got a duration more than fifteen minutes each!). More than an hour of music in which these guys are going to go beyond the concepts of time and space, fighting the force of natures and the rules of the physics.

Mankind is discussing about magnetism before Jesus Christ was born. Ancient Greeks and Chineses firstly tried to extrapolate the contents of this particular branch of science, when finally Sir James Clerk Maxwell in the nineteenth century defined the rules of the electromagnetism. About me, I’m not into science, so I do not want to talk a lot about this issue, but I have always been interested in what it is making our staying all together. Why all the components of our bodies, for example, are staying together? Is it because of magnetism, I guess. So that probably, discussing about this it is like discussing about life and, fuck, this does mean exactly that there are actually no opposition between humanism and technique, between science and philosophy. The one does not exclude the other and you could easily consider this also listening to this record when you notice firstly the force and the fury of the krauty groove and the drone elements typical of actual heavy-psych music, but then you find yourselves lost into this music and start travelling into a different dimension from which you couldn’t be easily take back, because you’re attracted by. Try it, then, to go back if you are able. If you feel able to overcome the laws of nature. Dare it.

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