Las Rosas – Everyone Gets Exactly What They Want (Ernest Jenning Record Co., March 10th, 2017)

Wow! Finally the Brooklyn garage pop rockers Las Rosas, featuring former members of Harlem and Wild Yak, are out with their debut album produced by Missy Thangs at the Mitch Easter’s Fidelitorium in Kernersville (NC).
According to the front man Jose Boyer, the thirteen cuts are about “death, indecision, Oprah Winfrey and human extinction”, but it’s not just that.
It is a delightful collection of a number of songs dripping with simple beauty, songs without compromise, without filters, as well as flow from heart on vibrant energy, simple melodies and catchy hooks that get into the head of the first hearing.
They are defiant songs, which are second to none, sang and played with an air reminiscent of the attitude of Jonathan Richman, some with guitars slightly arrogant and sharp and a splash of more ’60s garage rock, but the good times are guaranteed with the trio from New York.
“Secret Song” is irresistible with its chorus, the guitarist Jose Boyer disclaims the best psych pop tinged with Ray Davis-esque reminiscences, his sarcastic voice, bored and slurred as Bob Dylan in the moody ballad “Bad Universe”.
Listening to “I Might Die” and you enter where the action is, lively and elegant atmosphere, with small hints and glorious epic.
“The Silver Lining” is drinking wise crystalline guitar arpeggios evoking the Optic Nerve and the Television, the rhythm section of liquid discretion, the metric that is hidden between the notes.
Las Rosas did not invent anything, because everything in the rock was also told even if every year, fortunately, there is the enthusiasm of a new sixteen year old who still do not know it, but this album is not just for him, it is also for old salts who will enjoy the delicate and graceful renewal of the hit by these pop flavors and garage psych temptations cloaked in clever melodies, hardcore choruses, passion and excitement.

Rating: 8,5/10

Schoolboy Johnny Duhamel


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