Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis – Let It Be You (Reveal Records & Management, October 21st, 2016)


I generally appreciate Joan Wasser. I consider her as an interesting artist and singer and performer and who has got surely a strong personality and who is also used to mix several influences into her works. In practice, I would say that despite the fact I couldn’t consider myself as a ‘fan’ of her music, I couldn’t surely deny she sounds good. I also watched her performing live two or three times and I don’t regret those experiences. Don’t know, on the other hand, a fuck about this guy, Benjamin Lazar Davis, who actually worked with her on this album, ‘Let It Be You’ (out via Reveal Records & Management) and that I sincerely find horrific. Inspiring themselvess probably to some experiences of the eighties, recicling old ideas and possibly the worst of synth-pop music and putting these together with modern instruments and electronic loops and trying to give everything a melodic sense adopering the beauty of the voice of Joan Wasser, they just made an indefinite album. Indefinite in the sense that you couldn’t really get nothing from listening to it. Also the beautiful voice of Joan Wasser, I wanted to mention a couple of time, finishes to become just another exposure on a patinate poster of a hair straightened David Sylvian. Redime yourself, guys. May God give you a sign.

Vote: 6/10

Emiliano D’Aniello


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