Hisko Detria – Mal Du Siècle (Svart Records, March 24th, 2017)

Hisko Detria takes its name from the phenomenon that combines light and optical technology, the four band members are from Turku, Finland and they do love Neu!, Can and the all the krautrock and space trips.
They are a free experimental rock band feeding them with hyper uranium, a quartet that like to play robotic furious funk rhythms of compressed paranoia sacrificed in voodoo rites at the altar of the Wah Wah God.
Anyway, beyond the obvious reference to German rock, the sound aura of Hisko Detria draws on other elements, from punk to cosmic music to science fiction as “Mal du Siècle” tells a story of twisted nostalgia with inspiration taken from Phillip K. Dick and Neon Genesis Evangelion.
“Vitamin E” opens the record with steel rhythms, space rides crashing cruelly in guitar artifacts and condensed around pedals which amplify the miraculous force. When Beelzebub himself seems come out from the fire, the rhythm slows down to result in a more orthodox song form, but the wah wah drifts are still there and overflow into the final, mixing with analog synthesizers, or digital that mimic the analog sound, of cosmic vacuum. It is a race without hope shattered, in the end, to the white noise that waits as the natural conclusion of a nervous and over excited path.
With “Cul de Sac / Secret Sound” we return to the canonical form of the song to the point that at the beginning the vocal melody evokes the America, but later go on for rough trails of naturalistic dream experimentation, with charming flute and sensations induced by minimal suggestions, whispers of joyful breeze collide with a troubled mind.
“Schlager Unter Staatssreich” daring of the Gang of Four funky matrix, schizophrenic guitars solutions with haunting and powerful bass to emulate the drums, almost as if to replace the sound of the skins to provide the basic rhythm for the development of the fiery funky progression.
“Sugar Hills” starts from slowly bucolic landscapes thickening along the way, similar to certain episodes of Blind Faith and Traffic more fluids and experimental. It is a raga rock that enhances, cooling it, the climax of the album. They are pleasant modulations of keyboards that interface with a pipe, weird folk that envelops the voice slightly chanting, like a druid that is diluted in the nature.
An album that moves the floating body and the mind, which alternates introspective sound solutions to cosmic edge.
Another shot entirely successful for Svart Records.

Rating: 8,5/10

Schoolboy Johnny Duhamel

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