Hello Black Hole – In No Good Hand [Svart Records, March 17th, 2017]

Have you ever had a night out at an indie club night in north of England? Beers spitting on the floor, skinny tees and trainers. 2am everyone on the dancefloor is dancing and singing loud every single word to Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand and Interpol’s classics. Now see this through a deforming lens, like in Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun video. Oh yes, this band is called Hello Black Hole, indeed. Ok, here you are. Come in. Dancers on valium, the songs are too loud and come out distorted and scratching through broken amplifiers. Anthems for a dying youth, paradoxical pop songs on which the finnish trio throw buckets of melted tar. A broken strobo light still flashing with urgence. “In No Good Hand” – out March 17th on Svart Records – is just a 4 songs EP but you won’t skip one, for it’s menacing, rough, heavy and epic. The last track “Hero Libido” marches on as The Verve era “Northern Soul”and descend into apocalyptic abysses once inhabited by Thee Hypnotics. The battle galleon shipwrecked and the night is still dark.
Rating: 7.5/10

Monica Melissano


Pre-order via Svart Records


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