GØGGS – GØGGS (In The Red Recordings, July 1st, 2016)

GØGGS – GØGGS (2016) @320In hindsight there’s no shortage of “super groups” that Ty Segall’s been involved in. The current version of the Muggers is stacked so high with garage talent that it’s a wonder there’s any brevity to Emotional Mugger. At the time of its release, a collaborative record with Tim Presley from White Fence wasn’t marked by the same stigma it would be now, given both artists’ elevated status, and same could be said for his freak-out fuzz platter with Mikal Cronin. Suffice it to say that most of the people that the man gathers around himself could be considered for super group status and Fuzz is pretty much in the same category now anyhow. However, GØGGS is the first to really get the flag hoisted high over its head and one that lives up to the expectations that sticker supports. It’s the hardest sound yet from a Segall orbiting body and that’s largely because while Ty is in the ring, its Ex-Cult’s Chris Shaw who provides the driving force and evil-eyed core of the band’s sound.

goggFans of Ex-Cult have plenty to chew on here but for my money GØGGS is the pure distillation of where Shaw was headed with that band. Thicker, grimier and flecked with freaked out forms that may have spilled over from Moothart and Segall’s work together earlier this year; GØGGS is a testament to shaking up your lineup from time to time and finding the friends who know how to kick out the shaggiest shit from your dirt bag soul. There’s no fear in GØGGS, it’s a howler monkey pinned to corner and eager to bring the fight. In a year that’s been packed with garage greats, this one’s the biggest trash can fire of the bunch; raging out of control, jagged and dangerous. Its peak Ty, peak Shaw and peak Mootheart. If Emotional Mugger is the punch to the throat of 2016, then this is the finishing kick.

Vote: 8/10

Dudley Smith


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