Goat – “I Sing In Silence” (Sub Pop, May 27, 2016) 7″

indexEveryone’s favorite Swedish Afro-psych outfit is back with a new 7” on Sub Pop! The A-side is a beautiful, blissful one, with hand percussion and flutes to the fore, sunny and mellow, grooving and sing-chanting along Goat-style but softer and sweeter than some of their other stuff, perfect as a single to brighten your day, yay. The instrumental B-side, “The Snake Of Addis Ababa, is moodier, jazzier, yeah “snakier”, showing off for sure even more the groop’s African influence, specifically and appropriately very “Ethiopian groovy” with the piano player tickling those ivories up and down your spine.
Somewhat limited, naturally…

Vote: 8/10

Dave Klein


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